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ESAV (Agricultural Development Board of the Veneto Region), in collaboration with the University of Milan and the Istituto Superiore per la
Viticoltura di Conegliano, is subdividing the D.O.C.G. Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene lands into zones. This involves a detailed
pedological, climatic and cultural survey of the local area in order to identify the most suitable zones.
The survey, which has taken several years, will be shortly published. It shows that the Riva di Rocca estate has been classified as a privileged site
for grape production for sparkling wine.
The survey reveals that in the Riva di Rocca hills there suolo
Almost all the hills in the Susegana area comprise blue clays and conglomerates, largely dating back to the Pliocene period (about 5 million years
ago). These hills were later raised in a second phase during the Quaternary period (Pleistocene).
During this phase, warmer periods (interglacial periods) alternated with cold periods (glacial periods), which caused the formation of extensive
ice sheets.
Advancing, the ice deeply changed the morphology of the local area, changing the course of rivers, modifying the existing orography a are:
slopes favourable for optimum reception of the sun’s rays, resulting in an above-average sugar content;
pronounced day/night temperature changes during the grape-ripening period, which enhances the aromatic, spicy and mature sensations,
improving the overall aroma of Prosecco grapes;
highly calcareous soils, with marls mingled with conglomerates and gravels, which add a large amount of mineral salts, providing a strong
flavoured and full-bodied wine.
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